---≪≪† Brand concept †≫≫---
Inspired by the Japanese notion of “evergreen” when referring to music
— timeless, everlasting —
the concept of by the Sun is making things that are “evergreen” at heart and are loved by our customers.

---≪≪† Our philosophy †≫≫---
We design high-quality one-of-a-kind sustainable and eco-friendly pieces to:
・Give the wearer what the sun gives you: warmth and happiness
・Bring out a woman’s natural beauty that is inside of her
・Spread the idea of ethical fashion:fair trade, green, eco-friendly and sustainable

---≪≪† Motto †≫≫---
Our garments and accessories are produced by hand, and under strict supervision. Each piece is unique yet handled with love and care.

We recycle and manufacture all items ourselves. We use recycled wood to give it new life in our items.

We use organic cotton in most of our products.

<Animal Free>
We do not use animal skin or items tested on animals.We are certified by Japan Anti-vivisection Association(JAVA).
We only use feathers that naturally shed by birds at the contracted farms.

<Word craft parts & Originality > 
We use traditional techniques and crafts from around the world to make our pieces more unique and help spread awareness of these traditional cultures of the world through our pieces.


---≪≪† Nice to meet you †≫≫---
by the Sun was founded in 2016 byViVi, a Tokyo-born fashion designer for over 10 years.
The brand offers unique, hand‑made, ethically produced clothes and accessories that are inspired by Australian nature, fashion and the image of an empowered Australian woman.
All pieces are made using good materials, of good quality, and are often inspired and made using techniques of traditional craftsmanship from around the world.


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    by the Sun is designed and manufactured by ViVi.
    She grew up in Tokyo, Japan in a whole family that runs a fashion business.
    As a child, she always wanted to have her own brand that uses natural eco-friendly materials and focuses on traditional craftsmanship.
    ViVi majored in Fashion at Bunka Fashion College ranked 3rd in the wold, where she excelled in Fashion Design,Merchandising and Fashion Marketing.
    After graduation she worked as an apparel designer and an assistant costume designer.
    In 2014-2015 ViVi interned at Akira Isogawa and worked as a shoe designer and maker in Australia.
    There, inspired by Australian nature, fashion and the image of an empowered Australian woman, she came up with an idea for her by the Sun brand.
    She used to design for furniture, interior design and products.
    ViVi’s currently focus on clothes, accessories and design.